rue de la presentation

13 Rue de la Presentation / Three by Danielle Goldstein

“You can take off them ridiculous goggles, you know,” announces Rollin. You’d completely forgotten you had them on. One hand goes straight to your face to feel the lightshaders, while the other attacks the strap at the back. It tangles in your hair as you attempt to pull it off and a few strands come off with the goggles. Rollin snatches them from you and flings them onto the table. From his stunted height you’re amazed he makes the throw. “Fuck off,” Rollin snarls at you. “Go on, get lost! I don’t have to help you, you know?”

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13 Rue de la Presentation / Two by Danielle Goldstein

Mrs Considine is currently at the market. Not a big-chain kind of supermarket, a street market that has been there since the 1940s. Since moving to Number 12 she’s never bought her food anywhere else and makes a point of going every morning to buy the exact ingredients for the day’s meals. No more, no less. Today she woke up craving fish, so now she’s sniffing them out. One stares bug-eyed back at her as she brings it level with her nose.

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13 Rue de la Presentation / One by Danielle Goldstein

In front of the big green door standing at the helm of 13 Rue de la Presentation is an ornate wrought iron gate. Behind the big green door of 13 Rue de la Presentation is a tea-stained tiled corridor that leads to a set of wooden steps, which in turn lead to six floors. On every one of the six floors are four doors. Behind each of the four doors on all six floors are 24 worlds. And in each of these worlds, nothing is the same.

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